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I Walked Past Jesus Today…

Trying to balance life, work, family and your own needs causes us to sometimes be oblivious to those around us.   This poem reflects one of those times for me.


I walked out of church this morning
The cold wind on my eyes, stinging.
I saw him there down on his knees,
“A dime for me sir, if you please?”

I had money and change to spare
But all I did was blankly stare.
He shifted on his bended knee,
Waiting, hoping, looking to me.

I glanced down at this broken man
Frozen tears he wiped with his hand.
His eyes did pierce my heart and soul
Something about him I should know.

In the comfort of my own home
I thought of him, cold, alone.
I did then pray down on my knees
Jesus would you forgive me please?
                                     I walked right by you today….

Richard Brashear II

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