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Plain View: Runner-up - 2003 South Carolina Playwriting Award

The Airport Series: Plain View (Writer)

Bob and Shelly meet at a concourse in the airport. But things aren't as they seem as we find out about airports, relationships, and the importance of international gates.

Runner-up - 2003 South Carolina Playwriting Award.

The Old Apartment (Writer)

Billy decides to pay his ex-wife, Kay, a visit to see if they can get back together. The problem is Kay's remarried. Her new husband, Kent, is somewhat surprised to find that Kay was previously married.

Billy is not happy, Kent is not happy, and Kay is trying to find a way out.

A dark look at good love gone bad.

The Old Apartment Staged Production
Richard Brashear produced and directed Campaign Capers at Taft High by Pat Cook

Campaign Capers at Taft High (Director / Producer)

The Palmetto Teen Group production of "Campaign Capers" tells that story of what the office of Student Council President and Shakespeare’s Richard III have in common?  (The answer is "Nothing", BTW).

Unopposed incumbent Tad seems a shoe-in.  However, when he seems more interested in the inaugural party than the responsibilities of the office, his girlfriend, Bridget, decides to ”wake him up.”  That’s how it starts, anyway.